Box with Separate Lid Pattern Using Photoshop

And here we are again with YET ANOTHER box pattern! Yay! I have several related tutorials in this area, including another box pattern, a pentagon box, a heart box, triangle box, and envelopes. This pattern I made up entirely by myself, though I'm sure it's not orginal because it's very simple. It's actually A LOT like my Pentagon pattern.

In this post, I will take you step by step how to create it in Photoshop using the template I have created. I will also provide a few printable boxes that you can use without Photoshop, though you cannot make changes to it. And last, I will also provide a printable template, so you can print it on whatever paper you choose.

In the download below, you will find a zipped file that includes the PDF file for printing and tracing, as well as the PSD file if you would like to design your own in Photoshop, as instructed below. I have also included FOUR sample boxes that I designed using kits from Summertime Designs and Armina Designs, with their permission.


 You will notice that the file has several layers--Box , Box Lines, Lid, and Lid Lines. Make sure that everything you do to design your box is INBETWEEN those two layers, with lines on top and box or lid on bottom. This way, you will still be able to see your lines when you print and it will be easier to cut and fold.

It makes a fairly decent sized box. In the picture above, the template makes the smaller boxes. If you want them the size of the larger ones, you will have to enlarge it and print the lid on one page and the box on another. In the printable boxes down below, I have a .pdf file with both sizes. If you DO want to change the size, here are the directions.

1. On your layers menu, highlight all four layers--the lid lines, lid cover, box cover and box lines. Hold down the CTRL key to highlight all four layers at the same time.

2. Press CTRL+T. Hold down the SHIFT key as you grab the corner and resize the box to the desired size.

3. Now press enter and unhighlight the layers.

4. Go to File, New and create a new 8 1/2 x 11 page. Go back to the original document.

5. Highlight the lid cover and lid lines layers, and drag over to the new page.

That's it! You MUST do it this way, because if you change the size of the box and the lid separately, the lid might not fit the box anymore! Make sure you resize them together so that they will still fit.

Now, as this box is a lot like my Pentagon box, the directions on how to decorate it using kits are exactly the same, and I see no reason to rewrite them!

You can find the directions on my Pentagon Box page. There is also a video on that post showing how to do it step by step! Simply use this pattern instead of the pentagon pattern and you are all set!

Folding this box is very simple.

1. First, print the design out. You can use regular paper, but I usually choose cardstock. In these pictures, I used regular typing paper. Next, cut both the box and the lid out. Make sure that on the lid, you cut on the dotted lines.
2. Second, fold on the gray lines on both the box and the lid. On the lid, make sure you fold not just the large box lines, but also along the side, as shown.

3. Use tape or glue (I just use a glue stick) to glue the tabs. Fold the box together, glueing the tabs firmly together.

4. Place lid on box and you are all done!

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