The Five Things

One thing I like to tell overwhelmed potential digital scrapbookers is this--if you can learn FIVE THINGS in Photoshop, you are ready to get started. I taught a class recently, and in an hour and a half we easily covered all five. Those women went home ready to scrap! All the fancy things you can add and change will come later--for now, learn the five things and you can get started! I cover them in lessons 2-6. Links to all five lessons are below.

It can be so easy to see what others are doing with digital and think to yourself--I can't do that. No way. But I'm telling you--you can! Once you have acquired Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you need only committ two hours to learning the lessons below, and you are ready to begin. The rest will come with time and practice. I acquire new knowledge and skill in Photoshop all the time, as I am ready for them. But in the beginning, I created my first two books with no more knowledge than what is taught in these five lessons.

If you can open files, manipulate layers, pull in photos and manipulate them (cropping, moving, etc) and then add your text and layer styles, you are good to go. Using Photoshop will give you full freedom in creating your pages. You can do it!

1. Opening and Maniupulating Files in Photoshop
2. Manipulating Layers in Photoshop
3. Manipulating Photos in Photoshop
4. Working with Text in Photoshop
5. Using Layer Styles in Photoshop

Click on the link to get started! You will find a FREE Photoshop tutorial, often with a video to go along with it! You can do it!