Triangle Box Party Favor

Ok, I'm sorry. I'm on some kind of kick here. I decided to do yet another party favor blog post. If this is your first time here and you are interested in paper crafts, you might also want to check out my posts on making paper boxes, pentagon boxes, paper envelopesheart boxes. and box with separate lid.

This particular pattern I've had a long time. I got it from another website in .pdf form. I would gladly site where I got it if I had any clue at all. But the original .pdf file leaves me no clues. So sorry! I actually got A LOT of different patterns from them, and I love them! But I got them a LONG time ago so I just can't track it down.

Anyway, this is a simple pattern, and like all my other patterns, I took it out of .pdf format and fixed it up for Photoshop. I thinned out the lines, too--thick lines can look very silly in a digital scrapbooked box. One thing I love about this pattern is that there is no gluing at all. It's very easy to put together. But it does require some ribbon, yarn, or string of some kind. It's also a fun one to print just onto regular paper scrap paper--it looks great! I made the one in the sample on regular printer paper and it's just fine--no real need for cardstock. I used this favor a few years ago for a hand-out at church. I wrote a little poem and put it on the front, and then inside was one of those little mini-candles. The kids loved it.

Anyway, here's the zip file. It includes two files--one in .psd format, and the other is a .pdf and is just blank and white, in case you want to just print it onto regular scrapbook paper.

Now, like all my other patterns, the .psd file has two layers--one is called "Fill" and the other is called "Lines." Make sure that you keep the "lines" layer on the very top, at least when you are ready to print it.

Design the box as you wish in Photoshop. For full instructions how to do this, see my other tutorials on box making. (Links available in first paragraph of this post.)

Now, as for putting it together--it's very simple. But here are some picture instructions so you get the idea:
Cut it out.

Use a paper punch to punch out the eight holes.

Fold it along the lines.

Put all four sides together, matching up the holes.

Run a ribbon through the holes and tie into a bow.

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  1. I like that! It would be so fun to hide little prizes inside.