LDS Primary Chorister - Singing Wheel - Freebie Downloads Included! *2016* Update

I mentioned in this post a wheel that I created for teaching singing in Primary. I thought it would be fun to make it a freebie you can download!

There are actually files for two different wheels. So you make one backboard, and then two different games to play. The first is the song wheel--this one has interchangeable pieces for different songs, so when the kids spin the wheel, it chooses the song for them. The other is for HOW you sing the song. This one is a bit more simple and isn't interchangeable. Items you need:

The Backboard:
  • One sheet of poster paper--any color. I backed mine on actual wood, which made it sturdier, but it's up to you.
  • A brad--preferably a long one.
The Song Wheel:
  • One sheet of poster paper--any color. Draw a circle that is 16x16 inches. Cut out. Laminate if possible.
  • Printed copies of provided song pieces, on cardstock. Cut out and laminate if possible.
  • Ticky-tac
How to Sing Wheel:
  • One sheet of poster board - any color. Draw a circle that is 16x16 inches. Cut out.
  • Printed copies of the "how to" files, on cardstock.
  • Tape or glue
Backboard How To:
First, you will want to create your backboard. Get a regular sized poster board. Press a hole in the center with your brad, where you want you wheel to spin. Add some sort of arrow on one side that is the "stopping point" when you spin the wheel. I backed mine on real wood so that it would stand up in the chalk tray easier, but you don't have to--you can always pin it up instead.

Song Wheel How To:
I have created pieces for 66 songs. I even went in and made sure I had all the songs for the 2012 Primary program. You can always create your own, adding new songs, but tracing mine and decorating them yourself. Print them in color on cardstock. 22 pages.

Draw a circle on poster board that is 16x16. Cut it out and laminate if you can. Cut out each of the pieces and laminate them if you can. Or you can print them on photo paper--that works great too.

Prick your brad through the center of the 16x16 poster circle, then through the center of your backboard.

Use ticky tack to attach your pieces to the board. That easy. You can change out songs as much as you like!

Download Primary Singing Wheel Parts

How to Sing How to:

Create a 16x16 circle out of poster board.
Print the four pages of the How to Sing template in color on cardstock
Cut off margins and glue the four pieces together to create one circle.
Back it with the poster board you have prepared by gluing them togehter.Laminate if possible.
Press your brad through the center and attach to your backboard.


Download How to Sing Parts
I hope these work great for you! My primary kids would get SO excited when they saw I had brought the Primary Wheel that day. It was a bit of work, but totally worth it. If you have someone covering for you, its an easy quick thing to give them to do. I don't have mine anymore--the new Primary chorister really wanted it, so I let her borrow it. Not sure if I'll ever see it again, but oh well. The kids are getting plenty of use out of it!

UPDATE: I have just checked the 2013 Primary Manual, I Am a Child of God, and saw that although most of the songs for this year are already included in the above download, this year's theme song, If the Savior Stood Beside Me, is not. So I created a new one for it, and added two new songs to go with it--Children All Over the World and For Health and Strength.

2013 Primary Song Add-On

Recently I had a request for two songs from the hymn book--Iron Rod and the Spirit of God. I thought I'd add the ones I made here for download. If you have any other requested songs, please let me know!

And here are two more add-ons--these are all hymns as well. Click on the image below to download. I love making them, so keep the requests coming! Also, I have the updated list of all 74 songs that I have.

UPDATE: I've had a few requests for a blank template that can be used to add your own songs. So here it is! I have two files--one is the PDF version which is just blank. The other is the Photoshop version. If you use Photoshop, just pull in your paper on top of the layer and then use a clipping mask to fill it in.

UPDATE: Due to multiple requests, I have four new songs for the 2014 Primary Program. Click on the image below to download!
Due to a request, here are six more add-ons! Click on the image below to download.
Sorry I'm so late updating for 2016. Looking over the past few years, there was only one required song I didn't already have, and that was "The Lord Gave Me a Temple." So I added that. I also had multiple requests for the Articles of Faith, so I did those as well. I had room for one more, so I added "Chapel Doors."

Click on the image below to download them!


  1. This is brilliant!! Thanks so much.

  2. This is FANTASTIC! I don't know if I will ever have time to make it, but I am definitely posting a link to this article on my blog. Certainly a keeper! Thanks!

  3. I just linked this amazing download to my blog! Thanks so much for doing this and all your hard work!

  4. The website that was used is really hard to work with and I cant get the downloads on my computer to print them.

  5. I'm sorry you are having trouble. 4Shared is a very common site for off-site downloading, but it DOES have a lot of misleading advertisements. Once you click on the link, click on the small blue "download" button next to where it says "share with friends." If you are a paying member you then click on Priority download, but if you aren't then click on Free Download. Your download should start. If it doesn't, a screen will come up telling you thank you for downloading, with a message under it that says, if youre download didn't automatically start, click here. THat should trigger your download and you should be able to get it. Sorry you are having trouble--I hope it works for you!

  6. Is there a way I can make a special request or a blank page. We picked a song for May that you don't have and I'd like to make it. Thanks for your work!

    1. I would be happy to make you one--just send me an email by clicking on the "Email me" button, tell me what song and I'll email it to you!

    2. I don't have outlook, so I couldn't email you. Could you possibly make one for "Could I Hold the Baby"? Thanks for sharing your awesomeness!!

  7. After having some issues with 4Shared, I switched the files over to my google drive for download--they should be much easier to get now!

  8. This is amazing!! I cant wait to use it today! How about "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet"

  9. I love your Wheel and the additional add-ons for Primary.
    We have a great Stake Primary President that also writes music. We have three new songs I would like add-ons for. Plus one for
    One in a Million
    What Really Matters
    Thumbs Up
    Plan of Salvation
    Thanks for sharing your talents!

  10. This is great!! Would you mind making "The Family is of God" and possibly a free space where the kids get to choose their favorite song?

    Thank you so much!!

  11. Thank you for all the work you put into this! It is a beautiful piece and simply amazing that you can share it so others can use it. Thank you! Thank you!

  12. Megan,
    Do you think that you could add the songs for the 2014 Primary Program Families Can be Together Forever? You have some of the songs already done but not all of them. These are the ones that are not available.
    The Family is of God (this is a new song that was in The Friend I think)
    Seek The Lord Early
    Families Can Be Together Forever
    These are fantastic and Im so excited to be able to use them. Please email me if you are able to make these for this next years program.
    Thank you!


    1. Ditto to what Caitlyn asked about 2014! These are wonderful and will add so much fun to our Singing Time. Thank you for all the incredible work you've shared and especially for the time put into this endeavor.

  13. AMAZING!!!! Thank you, so much! I meant to make this last year and never got around to it and am so glad that I have found it again! I definitely will be making it soon to use in December and for next year! You are amazing! I second the 2014 songs. :) If you end up making them, could you email me, too? Thanks again!

  14. You are amazing - and thanks for adding 2013 and 2014 songs. What a rockstar you are! Your ward us SO LUCKY to have you! :-)

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  16. I can't download your wheel off of google spreadsheets and have no idea how to do it. Is there a different link I could get it from?

  17. I cant download your wheel can you please help me I was just called into primary for music,,thnk yu

  18. I've had hundreds of people download this file from the Google link. I checked it an it's working fine. Click on the link, and it will show you the file. Then in the upper left corner, there is a downward pointing arrow, right next to the print button. Click on that, and you should be given an option to save the file to your computer. Let me know if that doesn't work!

  19. Also--the original wheel file is a VERY large file. You will have to click "download anyway" when it says it can't scan for viruses. It will take a while to download, since its a 22 page pdf file. It's too large to email.

  20. This was so helpful! Thank you for sharing!

  21. Awesome project. Thank you for sharing all of your hard work!! No doubt you will be blessing Primary children all over the world :)

  22. I've been needing this! I made a game for my primary I call Song and Dare. Numbers are written on the board in two colors, representing songs and dares. The child erases a number in each color to pick the song and the dare.This spinning thing is way more exciting!

    Just one question: How on earth do you sing every other word??? I'm sitting here trying it and it's hard!

  23. Oh yes! The every other word thing! We did that, and it was HILARIOUS! We were all just laughing trying to get it! Eventually I divided the kids into two halves, and they would alternate the words. Yes, it's hard, but that's what makes it so funny!

  24. THANK YOU! This is fantastic, I'm am newly called to the chorister and I have no musical talent! Thanks for sharing your creativeness and talents! I'm excited to try this out!

  25. Thank you for sharing! I am so excited to use this in our primary! I was having trouble printing the add on that starts with Joseph Smith's 1st Prayer- any suggestions on what I could try to get it to print?
    Thanks again!

  26. THank you so much! I just got called and was feeling so overwhelmed! This helped ease my anxiety! But I would like to know how you DO make them?? Because I would like to make some changes on the how to sing wheel and who knows in the future if I will need more songs...I am not crafty or computer literate so I hope it was easy! Like on your wheel you have Teachers only and I want that one! I also want a kids only/no teachers one...and like sing staccato. Let me know how and hopefully it isn't too hard!


  27. Do you have templates for 2015? I sure would like them.

  28. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    side wheel attachment

    Keep Posting:)

  29. Love this idea! Could you make some pieces for the Article of Faith songs?

  30. I absolutely love this idea! We have enjoyed using this so many times in primary, and I can't thank you enough! If you get a chance, I'd love if you could do the articles of faith :) Also, I'd love the 2015 and 2016 songs that you don't already have. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  31. Do you have updates for the 2016 songs? I just made the how to sing wheel. This is a beautiful wheel and I appreciate you making it!

  32. Would you be able to redo the "how to sing" pieces in the same shape as the song pieces (you know not with a point at the end but the little arc length)? I can't get my printer to print the whole wedge I'd also love your version of 2016 songs If I Listen With My Heart, Praise to the Man!
    Love your work!

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. What an amazing job you did!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this with us other choristers!! I am going to send you a private email with a special request. Please be watching for it from thebybeeclan email address.

  34. First of all, I would like to say a HUGE Thank You for this amazing Song Wheel. I have recently been called to be the Primary Chorister and I will certainly be using this as much as I can. I have successfully downloaded most of the pieces including the add-ons, all except the Articles of Faith, some of which are either blurred or have double print on the pieces. I would appreciate any suggestions. Again, Thank You for sharing your great talent! Wendy

  35. This is amazing! LOVE it and will definitely be using this wheel! Can't wait to make one! Will you be including the new songs for 2017? I hope so! I will pin this sight and check back for 2017 songs as well! I know some of them are ones you already have - but there is a new song too. Thank you!