LDS Chorister Activity - Primaryland!

Well folks, I know it's been a while since I posted. I started this blog back in 2007, and by far the most popular post I ever did was in 2011, when I introduced my Primary Singing Wheel. This was a game I made for my church calling as the Primary Ward Chorister. Photoshop made it possible for me to create this fun way of picking songs to sing and way to sing them, and in the last seven years, it's been downloaded literally THOUSANDS of times. Ironically, I only had that calling for about four months, when my twin pregnancy made it too difficult to stand and teach.

Well, what goes around comes around. My twins are now 6, and with three kids in Primary, it was time, I suppose, to let me finish what I started! I got the calling again, and I'm more than happy to do it! I have three girls in there now and it makes it so much fun! Since I started, I have done some pretty fun things, but this--THIS GAME is the BEST. I swear I was like a criminal mastermind while I was working on it! And I could never have done it without Photoshop! YAY PHOTOSHOP! (Where would I be without you???)

So, here it is. The Primaryland game. I have made all the files available for it on my TPT site to make it easier to download, but of course all files are free. The file comes with:

  • 12 Sheets to be printed in color, if possible, on white card stock, then sliced into cards
  • Full step by step directions and a guide to help understand what the games are on each card.
  • The pattern for the box that holds the cards (totally optional but also awesome) 
  • The pattern for three types of dice. Also optional, but you DO need at least one regular 1-6 dice for some of the games.
In order to create this game, you will also need to make the poster as shown. Pretty simple--just poster board, five different colors of construction paper and some glue and you're good. If you can laminate it, even better. 

You can download all the files here:

I  wanted this game to be versatile--I knew it would be a lot of work to create it, so I wanted to be able to play it multiple times. For this reason, I made the board and the cards separate so that the cards can be changed. I also made more cards than needed so that once an activity is done, you can replace it with another one. I wouldn't be surprised if more ideas come to me and I make expansions to this game over time!

The basic game is a bit like Candyland. Divide the class into two groups, making sure that ages are pretty evenly distributed. On their turn, a child rolls the dice (there are three dice to choose from, or you can use a regular dice) and moves their marker (usually a magnet of some kind). There are five different color spaces that do different things:

Red - Get a trivia question
Blue - Do an activity
Green - Movement (go back, start over, go forward, etc)
Orange - Sing a song in an unusual way of some kind
Yellow - Prizes. If a team picks one of these up, they can count for points, a prize, or movement. 

The first team to get to the end wins! Or, the team that gets the most points from yellow cards, trivia questions, or challenges. It's up to you!

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