Introducing My New Paper Doll Website!

Hello everyone! I was thinking about what to post next, as I've actually done very little digital scrapbooking lately. But I HAVE been using Photoshop like crazy! I have been making more paper dolls! So, I thought I would create a post about what I've been doing, and also introduce my website:

Here is a couple of shots to give you an idea of what I have created! It's a set with 20 dolls and 200 outfits!

Two years ago I did a post about a set of paper dolls I was creating for a birthday party. I've been making paper dolls every since I was a little girl. As an adult I rarely do it, but every now and then I get bit by the bug, and this last couple months I've been drawing like crazy! But the fun part is, I draw it, then pull it into Photoshop where I perfect it. And now that I have a Silhouette, it does all the cutting for me. Makes it a LOT easier to cut out the dolls, let me tell you!

So now I've created a set of TWENTY different dolls. There are actually only five different skin tones--when I want to do a new doll I just draw a new head using one of the different skin tones I've already used--then I don't have to draw a new body. But I do use Photoshop to make their underclothes.  Here is an image of the faces of all twenty dolls.

I like to do lots of different skin colors, hair and eye colors. Then some dresses look better on some dolls than others. All the dolls are the same size and body, though, so they can all wear the same clothes. I think my personal favorite is Daisy. I just love her freckles.

In the past, I have use Photoshop on the faces of the dolls, but not on the dresses. Since I discovered how to use a surface blur in Photoshop and with the liberal use of the smudge tool, it's really helped me improve the dresses as well and make them look a lot smoother.

Here are some before and after photos that are kinda fun to look at. The more I worked with Photoshop to improve my artwork, the better at it I got. And the more addicted I got!

A lot of the time it was just a matter of perfecting the lines, and sometimes I just recolored the whole thing in Photoshop. Time consuming? Yes. And I loved it. I'm weird that way. I know there are artists out there that use Photoshop far more in-depth than I do. Me, I'm just discovering it. And I'm kind of addicted. It combines two of my favorite things--art and computers!

After I have drawn it, scanned it, and perfected it in Photoshop, I then need to convert it to a Silhouette file so I can cut it out easily.

With the dolls, I use several layers. The first layer is the doll artwork, printed on photopaper. Then another layer of just cardstock, and then a layer of chipboard with each side covered in cardstock. So ultimately, each doll has five layers. They are pretty sturdy--but they are still paper. I don't recommend letting any child under the age of 5 play with these dolls--maybe older depending on their maturity. So yeah, I've got these awesome dolls and none of my daughters are old enough to play with them. But in a few years, they are going to have one heck of a set!

I am planning on doing a free giveaway of a paper doll set to my awesome realscrappy readers--look for a post about it coming soon!

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