Fashion Flipbook Freebie--for your Busy Bags!

Hey all! I've created a new freebie for you today. Sunday while sitting in church the idea took hold of me and wouldn't let go. I came home and started working on it, and now it's ready for you all today! Its a Fashion Flipbook! Great for your little girls to keep them busy in church, the car, the store, or anywhere else where you need them occupied!

The artwork comes from my paper doll set that I have been working on for a couple years now. I plan to do a big post about that in the near future, but I'm not quite ready for that yet! Anyway, the flipbook comes with eight different heads, and eight different outfits. Kids can flip the pages to create brand new dresses!

To create this you will need:

Access to a color printer
At least one sheet of cardstock, (for the cover) but preferably five sheets, one for each page
Scissors and if possible, a paper slicer
Stapler or a book binder


1. Download the PDF file - Fashion Flipbook by Realscrappy
2. Open the file and print all five sheets
3. Slice each sheet down the center. Make sure you cut it PRECICELY at the 5 1/2 mark.
You may also want to trim your edges if you don't want a white border around it.
4. Bind the left side. You can either staple it several times down the side, or take it in to a copier place and get it bound like a book.
5. If your book is stapled, you may want to go through it and bend each paper tightly so it's easier to flip the pages
6. Use scissors to cut on the  horizontal lines on each page. If you are binding it by stapling, only cut to the bent edge. If you are spiral binding it, cut all the way through.

Done! Yay! If you like the artwork, keep a lookout for a future post about my paper dolls! You can also download a free set here.

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