5 x 1 Box Pattern - Perfect for CD's!

So this week I created a new box pattern. I made some CD's for a friend of mine for Christmas, and I needed a box to put them in. Aha! I'll just make one! It's rather ridiculous how much time I spent making a stinking box--more time than the CD's took, but oh well. I'm weird that way. Plus, I knew I would be able to share it with all of you!

The box is quite simple--it's five inches across and one inch high. Of course it can be used for lots of different purposes, and it's a great Christmas box. I also made a Silhouette pattern for it since its just so much easier to cut it out with my Silhouette!

The kits I used for this are both free kits from Peppermint Creative. The bow comes from Party Pants, which is $1.50 here. I made the ribbon myself, and the paper comes from Techno Geek, also at the same site.

Anyway, it's a great pattern! It's large--you will need to do the top on one page and the bottom on another. If you need instructions on how to create a box like this in Photoshop, you can find full instructions on of my many other box pattern posts, like this one: Box Pattern with Lid. My other box patterns can be found the in the Projects Using Photoshop drop down menu on the right.

PDF CD BOX by Realscrappy Lid
PDF CD BOX by Realscrappy Bottom
Photoshop CD BOX by Realscrappy 

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