LDS Primary Chorister -Emotisong - Printable Freebies Included!

**Update (January, 2018)
The download file for this has not been working properly for a long time. I have revamped it and added it to my Teachers Pay Teachers site so it is easier to download. It is still a free download, but the link below will take you to Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you!

So I did a post a while ago showing some of the stuff I had used Photoshop for in my calling as Primary Chorister, and I thought it would be fun to re-visit that and also give out a few freebies of the stuff I created! Photoshop certainly made my calling a lot easier and fun for the kids. Another example of why its worth it to learn this program--you can use it to enhance so many different areas of your life! I will be doing several posts on this over the next few days, each with a different project or activity.

*As a side note, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Or in other words, I'm Mormon! In our church, members have different "callings," or their way of helping out in the congregation. For a while, I was in charge of teaching our children to sing songs. These are some of the things I created in Photoshop in order to do that!

Emotisong - This is a game I created using the emoticon images from Microsoft Word. I copied them into Photoshop and added a background and an emotion for each.  I printed them on thicker paper, cut them out, and then created a pentagon box to hold them in. During singing time, I would call on a kid to pick an emotion from the stack. Then I would choose a song that goes with it. (I found it important that I pick the song instead of them, in order to maintain some reverence. There are just some church songs that are inappropriate to sing as a cowboy...;)

Here are the files for this activity. Includes 24 different emoticons, plus the box. Just print them all on cardstock, put it together and you are good to go!

*WARNING - This is NOT a very reverent activity. The kids get very excited when they play this game! So I didn't play it often or for long--its a great time filler!

Thanks for reading! I will be updating in a few days with downloads for the Primary Singing Wheel mentioned in an earlier post on my blog!

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