Farewell to Atomic Cupcake!

I just have to post about how completely sad I am that Atomic Cupcake is no longer up and running. I am just so heartbroken! Over the last five years, I have purchased nearly every action they put out. I use at least one on nearly every page I create. I find that few of my fellow digi scrappers seem to use her actions, and so I felt my pages had something a little unique about them. I have entire tutorials on how to use her actions, and I am so sad they are now obsolete. I purchased my first action, the tear action, in 2007. I loved being able to press a button and watch as my page was transformed so that there was a tear all around it. I still enjoy this process, adding things like chalk, ink, and paint to the edges of my paper, while changing the look of my titles to gemstones, gold, plastic, and velvet. Yes, Atomic Cupcake, I will miss you. Farewell.


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  2. HI, Do you know how to contact Atomic Cupcakes? I wanted to reach out to her for her assistance. I have 2 PSE actions I cannot seem to get to work. I was just looking for guidance.
    Angel Petrie