RealCrappy - Cheesy Quilt Page!

Ok. There are a lot of pretty crappy pages out there from those hazy 90's Creative Memories days. But this page--this page is FAMOUS in my family. It was done by my sister back in '95 when she was engaged. So yeah--take the cheesiness of 90's scrapping, combine with a glowingly happy engaged girl, and you get "The Love Quilt Page."

My sister wrote about it in depth on her blog a while ago--my commentary on this cheesy page can't possibly compete with her own. So here it is:

"I'm happily blaming Creative Memories because it's way more fun to place blame for bad judgement on some faceless (now bankrupt for obvious reasons) corporation than it is to own it. It is to my everlasting shame that I even have a college degree in a design field- and I assembled something THIS awful! And just so you can all enjoy my shame (and yes, I know you don't start sentences with AND but I'm kind of a rebel that way), I am posting the evidence here. Can you even BELIEVE I did this?

Now, to be fair, if I hadn't been scrapbooking already when I met my Sweet Pea, I wouldn't have our entire dating life recorded in both word and photo in an only slightly less obnoxious scrapbook than my college one. At least the layouts are less obnoxious.
Sadly, I was in the 'glow' phase of courtship when I did that scrapbook and the words are so melodramatic and sappy that I'm rather embarrassed to look at it at times. Just ask my sister Megan about the 'Quilt' layout with it's flowery 'prose' (and I'm only calling 'prose' because the English language lacks just the right word)."
~Creative Chaos, January 2009
Thanks Cindy! And just for the record--her layouts got MUCH better! When I returned from a service mission in 2001, I was still in the "old school" of scrapbooking, and did some awful pages. Then Cindy introduced me to the then "new school" (which was basically cool paper scrapping, but not near as cool as Digital..) My layouts got much better after she taughtme a thing or two!  Here, Cindy. I'll redeem you with this one you did several years later--SUCH a cute page!

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  1. ACK! The dread 'Quilt' page lives on! However, it's worth it since it resulted in those two ADORABLE twins! Wish they were still adorable- now they're just kids.