Lesson 20: Digital Scrapbooking Practice - More Advanced

Ok, I've been feeling for some time that Lesson 20 needed to be a more in-depth and advanced video of how to create a page step by step. I think watching someone actually DO IT can be invaluable in learning how to do this skill. I apologize in advance if I am not clear about every single thing I am doing in the video--I try to be, but sometimes it's so natural for me, I don't remember to explain! If there is any confusion, please let me know in the comments or by email and I will address it.

Anyway, this is the page we are going to create:

I'm sorry to say this video turned into THREE different videos, since I can only do 5-minute videos on the free program that I use. So, sorry about that!

So, for this lesson, we will be doing things just a little more advanced than we did in Lesson 7 when I made a basic page. But still, this is not a difficult page to create.

In the video, I start with an 11x17 page, as I explained in an earlier post that I often do with full layouts. Then I cut it at the end to an 8 1/2 x 11, and will do the other half another time. So don't let that confuse you.

Last, the kit that I use is called Something's Cooking from Atomic Cupcake. You can find it here: Atomic Cupcake - Somethings' Cooking.

Ok, so here are the videos!

Part 3 - Making A Digital Scrapbooking Page w/ Realscrappy.blogspot.com


  1. Great videos. I find myself more interested in watching you come up with backgrounds. I would love to see more of how you choose where to put things. I struggle a lot with titles as well. Probably because I wasn't originally a paper scrapbooker. I love your titles.

  2. Oh yeah! I was thinking about doing a post on different title ideas--I'll do that soon!

  3. great tutorials! before you print it - there is a typo in your journaling (atch instead of watch).
    Thanks for the great info!!

  4. Oh thank you for pointed out the typo! I hate it when I miss those! I usually go over every page before I print to make sure--but i always miss SOMETHING! Thank you!