Lesson 7: Puting it Together - Making a Page


The video on this page was not working very well, so I created a new one today! Please enjoy this 8-minute video that will show you a how to create a simple page, step by step. If you haven't read my previous lessons on "the five things" you may want to read them and learn them before attempting to follow this tutorial.

This page to the right is the page we will be creating in the video.

Now, in order to do this, you are going to need a kit. The kit I used here, though it was once free, is no longer available. I got it at peppermintcreative.com. That site has a free kit available at:


Their previous free kits are available on their site for only $3.00 if you click on Coordinated Kits on the left. They are definately worth getting!

Before we begin, there is also one more tool I will be introducing in this lesson, and that is the marquee tool.
This tool will allow you to select an area of a photo or picture. Then you can use your arrow tool to cut and paste it as a new layer, or drag it into another photo. You will see a demonstration of it in the video.

If you are going to follow this tutorial, have Photoshop open, as well as your picture file and your kit. (Remember, after you download a kit, you will have to unzip it. You will need to download winzip in order to do this. You can find it here.)


  1. The link for the movie wasn't working--I just fixed in, in case you were unable to view it earlier!

  2. Thank you so much for that video....I learned so much in those few mintues.....My hat off to you.