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It has been SO LONG since I did a RealCrappy post! But I'm sitting here and I was staring at my last paper scrap book, thinking, there has GOT to be something in there that I can blog about. And it didn't take long. I was tempted to do the whole post, not on bulky pages, but on just old SCRAPBOOKS THAT FALL APART because that's why these pages are so accessible at the moment. This is what the book looks like right now:

This is the only book I ever did using an "inferior" non Creative Memories scrapbook. And, I have to admit, Creative Memories had a point. None of THOSE book have fallen apart. Well, the spines tend to fall out, but the pages stay nice and firmly put. This one is a complete mess. One of the screws is gone and I have no idea what do to with these loose pages. Yes, I could buy a new book and easily insert each page into a new page cover. But on principal I refuse to spend any more money on paper scrapping. just sits like that. Forever.

Anyway, I wanted to do this post on Bulky Pages. This being my last paper scrapbook, it's probably my best. Or I should say, my least annoying. Its from 2001-2004. Some of the pages are actually quite nice--I  wanted to prove that not ALL my paper pages were total crap! The ones I am using for this post aren't really bad. They are just--bulky. They are the reason this book fell apart in the first place. The elements on the page just take up too much space in the wrong direction.

This first page, I actually really like. It's always been one of my favorites. But the elements I like so much about it are the printed elements--things I can easily copy in digital scrapbooking. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could re-create this page digitally without too much trouble. What makes it bulky is that darned element--the ribbon and the envelope and the seal. It's my favorite thing about the page, but it's just so big an awkward. And that ribbon is tattered from how it originally looked, because it's always falling out the top and getting rubbed. I just hate that. It would look so much neater if it were digital! (And can you believe I wore those awful suspender shorts? What was I thinking???)

This next page has pretty much an unforgivable amount of froo-froo. I've never been a froo-froo scrapbooker--I think this is the foo-iest ever page I ever did. But it drives me nuts to look at it. And I remember how proud of it I was once. I just hate it when elements take over the whole page (in this case it's like an invasion) whether it's digital or paper scrapped.
Man. I just realized I have to get this page back into the page protector. It's going to be a nightmare. Remember that? It gets caught on one side then the other, and this one is going to take a good five minutes to get back in...

I have another page I don't want to hunt down where I used my little "wire" contraption to make shapes and stuff. Cute page. Very bulky. Totally not worth the effort to do. I think paper scrapping just gets bulkier and bulkier all the time. Those books are so stinking thick--where in the world do you store them???

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  1. Okay, I admit it. While I absolutely enjoy digital scrapping, I still love to paper scrap. And I have bulky and froo-frooey pages (but not all of them). I have good quality postbound albums, but I am conscious of just how much bulk goes into them. I currently print my digital pages and mix them in, so my albums are going to be less bulky starting this year.

    I love your writing style. And I love your blog. I will be adding a link to it on my own blog,

    And froo-frooey is too a word, in case you were wondering. ;)