RealCrappy - Obnoxious Silhoetting

This is something I'm afraid I am TERRIBLY guilty of. I mean, BAD. I went through my old books, and it was so easy to find pages where I had gone completely nuts silhoetting stuff--with absolutely no notion of what pictures SHOULD be silhoetted and which shouldn't. Plus, I'm afraid I was very guilty back then of shaving off a few pounds when I cut pictures out me. And it is SO FREAKING OBVIOUS. I'm kind of annoyed, now. I'd like to see what I REALLY looked like back then. Silhoetted pictures can make it very hard to see that.
This page struck me as particularly annoying. I silhoetted nearly every picture in it! And the ones I didn't, I cut into these really irregular wierd shapes. Why did I find that necessary? I remember when I made this page I was quite proud of it. Now it's just kinda sad.

Silhoetting pictures can be really awesome if you do it right. This one took me forever:

But I thought it turned out really cool. The beauty with digital is, of course, fixing mistakes and the ability to change your mind. You can always go back and take the silhoette out. Sometimes, after you do it you think, "eh. Not so much." In paper scrap--you're stuck. Oh digital. How I love you...

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