RealCrappy - Clutter

Ok, for my first segment on RealCrappy, I am pulling from my freshman year in college--1997. I went on a tour to Las Vegas with my ballroom team. I took a lot of pictures, and for some reason felt obligated to use EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Now, if you've read my blog, you know that one of my pet peeves in scrapbooking is people who create every page with only one picture and a million elements. As a rule, I DO try to sqeeze in as much as I can--to get as much bang for my buck, if you will.

But hopefully, I've improved since this horrendous page.

As I often say when looking at old scrapbooks--what was I thinking?? Just looking at this page gives me a headache! So many pictures jammed in there with no rhyme or reason to it! Did anyone else scrapbook that way, or was I just really gifted? And--did I have NO sense whatsoever and what pictures should be silhoetted and which I should just leave alone? Man, I used to silhoette EVERYTHING! Like the picture of the red van at the bottom with a couple dancing on top of it--that's a great picture. Silhoetting it totally ruined it!

I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am I don't paper scrap anymore. If this was digital, I could just junk it and start over. When you paper scrap, you are SO STUCK. And I am stuck with this ugly page. More to come!

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  1. And you mock my 'Quilt' layout? Seriously girl! This is WAY worse than the quilt layout. LOL! And we're both stuck with the junk we paper scrapped.

  2. yeah, that one is pretty cluttered! Thing is, we didn't have the option of digital scrapping back then, but I still wish I'd left a lot of pictures in their original size.

  3. Oh Cindy--if you think I don't plan to feature your quilt page on here, think again! Send it to me or I'll pluck it off your blog! I love that awesomely lame page!