2014 Yearbook has Arrived! Another Success from MyPicTales!

So I got my new 2014 Yearbook. One of my favorite days of the year! Once again, I got it printed through the company MyPicTales. You can read my review on last year's book here.

I am thoroughly impressed with this company and their products and price. NO THEY ARE NOT PAYING ME TO SAY THAT!!! I just want to encourage anyone who is looking for a good place to print to consider this company. My 8 1/2 x 11 book is 120 pages. I was able to get a coupon for 30% off, and the entire thing only cost me $75 to print! Unbelievable!

Here is my review--even though it's not that much different from last year's--though it is BETTER.

Price★ Being accustomed in the past to paying over $120 for a book with 100 pages, I was once again blown away by the price. The original price was about $90, but I was able to get a 30% discount and got it for $75! When you sign up for their mailing list you get a 25% off coupon anyway--so that alone is worth it! 

Ease of Use★ I love the editor that comes with this site. You download it and upload your stuff to it. Now--I don't use it to DESIGN my pages. I just upload my pages that are already created in Photoshop. You can upload them as a two-page layout, which I really liked. I make my pages in Photoshop as 11x17, and design the entire full page layout. Then I can just upload it a 2-page layout. The best part? Once I upload it, if I make a change to it in Photoshop and then save it--it AUTOMATICALLY changes it in the MyPicTales editor. I don't have to re-upload it. Saves me boatloads of time during my final editing phase. Because my book is so big, I was unable to submit it directly. I had to contact the company, but was able to place it in a shareable Dropbox file and it was super easy.

Shipping★ In the past I've had to wait some 2-3 weeks for my book. This one I ordered on the 1st (which was a Friday) and it arrived on the 8th. Not bad! Shipping price was also reasonable. 

Cover: ★ The cover is awesome and the wrap-around part is my favorite! It looks so great on my shelf with all my other books! WAY more interesting than the plain one-color option I had with my old company. I will say that designing the cover in Photoshop to fit correctly in the editor took many tries, but I got it eventually.

Binding Last year I did not give four stars to the binding, but this year it gets full marks! No glue showing, and you can't see the stitching at all when you open the book.

Margins: ★ The margins are great. The inside margins taken are pretty large--but I knew that from last year and prepared for it. One thing I did this year is that before I did my final upload, I change the page size from 11x17 to 11.25x17.25. Then I just made sure that the margins looked alright. This pulled in all my margins quite easily, and I actually had larger margins than I needed. Every page turned out perfect!

Color The color is dead on. It looks exactly the same as it does on my screen when I open the file in Photoshop.

Thank you so much for a gorgeous book! And stink! It's MAY and I haven't got more than 3 pages done in my 2015 book! The work is never done!

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