Creating a Digital Scrapbook Page Step by Step

I've been thinking about what I wanted to add today to this site, and I feel that I haven't had enough hands-on video of how to scrap a page step by step. Now that I have new video software, it's much easier to make longer and more intricate videos on this subject. So today I will be sharing with you a 25 minute video in which I create this page:

In this video I start from scratch all the way up to uploading it online to a printing company--in this case, my old standard Cherishbound. I also use a kit by Lindsay Jane called At the Beach, which can be found at

If you ever wanted to see how it REALLY works--the process from start to finish--this might give you a good idea. Everyone has their own style and their own way and none of them are wrong. But this is just mine. Thank you.

Creating a Digital Scrapbook Page from Start to Finish - Video

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