Update On Pentagon Box

I thought I'd just put out there that I have updated the pattern for my Pentagon Box. I make these things all the time. Today I was making three of them for some teachers in my school--a place for them to store some mini badges we are giving out as rewards for our kids. Would work great for candy, too, actually. Anyway, one thing I hate about making Pentagon boxes is the lid is pretty time consuming to make. Then suddenly a slight re-design idea hit me, and it makes all the difference! Making the lid is SOOO much faster now, and much sturdier, clean, and it fits the box a lot better. So, if in the past you have downloaded my Pentagon box, you may want to visit this post and get the new download for it. These are a really great idea for invitations--print it with "you're invited" on top and have the invitation inside! I prefer to make them on cardstock, though. Hope you like it!
Changed from this to this!

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