Quick Tips 2: Match Color

Today's tip is Match Color. This is an AWESOME tool that I only learned how to use a few months ago. I keep finding myself needing it, though, and I love it!

So here's the scenario: You're doing a page using a kit, and the kit does not have a ribbon in the color you want. The kit comes with a green paper, but there's no green ribbon to match. Using the color changing options, you've tried to match it but can't quite get it. How do you solve this? Match Color.

Start by opening the ribbon that is the shape you want, but the wrong color. Then open the page of the color you DO want. Make sure you have the ribbon you want to change active.

Now, go so Image> Adjustments>Match Color.
Now, where it says "source" drop down the box and choose the name of the file that you want to change the color to. In this case, I would choose ppr03 from my list. Press ok.

Now my ribbon is green!

Now, matching color does that--it matches the COLOR, not the pattern. So my ribbon is green, but it will not have the pattern my green paper had. It doesn't always work very well with changing the color of elements like flowers, etc--though you can adjust the FADE level to make it look better.

You can also do this with just a colored box. Lets say you love a certain element from a kit, and want to use it in another kit or just on it's own. Create a blank page, then draw a square shape of exactly the color you want. Flatten the image (Layer>Flatten) and crop it so that the page is all one color. Then follow the same steps.

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