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Ok, ok, I'm FINALLY updating this blog. So sorry--this is the longest I've ever gone without updating! It's been a pretty crazy week. I've been making badges with my 7th graders. Yup. I have a badge making machine. Photoshop has been pretty useful there, too. Hmm...maybe that will be a future post...

Anyway, today I'm doing a RealCrappy post. I was looking through my old books and found a pretty horrendous page. There are so many things wrong with it, I wasn't sure what to focus on, but I decided to zero in on that old style of STICKERS. GAK! I totally fell for this one. My first scrapbook is FULL of pages that are just covered in obnoxious stickers. Not to mention the fact that this page is totally cluttered.

I think stickers are to blame for my insane fear of blank space on a scrapbook page. I know that's the style these days, but I couldn't scrap that way if I wanted to. The blank space just EATS at me. I feel like I'm wasting space and money and the opportunity to put in MORE pictures. Well, yes, I think stickers are to blame. At least for me. I used them to fill up every extra space I could. In those days, it hadn't yet occurred to me to use paper as a background--I just kept it white. It was so blah that I relied on stickers to fill it up. And boy did I ever fill it up!

Looking at this page gives me a headache. And I just HATE written titles! In the years I made this, using the computer in any way wasn't really possible, let alone thought of, but it still bothers me. What is with all the stickers? EVERYWHERE! In every single sparce space I can find! Really, this picture has something from nearly all of my Real Crappy posts. It's got stickers, obnoxious silhoetting, evne pictures cut with those funky scissors. What a shame. I wish I had these pictures whole and new the way they were before I desecrated them. Honestly, looking at this, it's hard to believe I ever got to be a decent enough scrapbooker to have a blog about it!

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